Evil Dead the Musical

I have to say, I expected this show to be funny but I didn’t expect it to have as many laughs as it did.  Some of the laughs where OMG that’s funny, some of the laughs where OMG I can’t believe they just did that.  Definitely not a show for the whole family!  So ya, I loved it.

Evil_Dead_Showpage_525x302I was also pretty impressed that they did all of the necessary scenes – the bad, bad, evil trees scene (they lowered everyone’s karma in the room by making us laugh so much at this), the chainsaw scene, all the good stuff.

My favorite part?  The fact that they embraced campy in every way possible.  If you are in Tampa and free this Saturday or Sunday night you should absolutely go see it – You can get your tickets on Straz Center’s website.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Evil Dead the Musical is playing in more places than Tampa (I know, what? why?) – you can follow Evil Dead The Tour  on Twitter to see if they are coming to your town.  If you go come back and tell me what you thought!

I received two tickets to Evil Dead the Musical in exchange for writing a review. As always, my opinions are all mine.


The Summer of Rum Festival

I received two VIP tickets to The Tampa Bay Rum Festival through a partnership with Tampa Bay Bloggers in exchange for writing a review. As always, my opinions are all mine.

I seem to have lost any ability to write in a semi-consistent matter, a lot of things have been happening lately concerning work and my personal life that have kept me a bit off centered.  Not all bad but not all good either.  At least I think my u.c. is in remission, they say there is always a bright side.

Anyways, that was my lead in (excuse) to why it took me two weeks to  let you know how the Tampa Summer of Rum Festival went. It was amazing.  I’ve been to other events put on by Big City Events but this was by far my favorite.  And I really liked the others. Follow them on Facebook to see what all they have coming up!

RumFest2The festival was held at the The Cuban Club, which I’d never been to before.  The building was amazing in and of itself.  Because of the location there were the (really, really good) bands outside, lots of food buses and rum shacks, and also a whole big air conditioned inside to be in.  Inside there was a DJ, dance floor, and additional live entertainment.  I was in heaven; there were different types of music, food and rum everywhere.

On top of that as an add on to the VP ticket the rum tasting was included.  More music and a huge variety of rums to try.  Some where given in shots and others as mixed drinks.  My favorite was the Amber ‘Ti Punch with Clement Select Barrel rum.  The recipe is at the bottom of their page.  I would not have guessed the recipe, but that’s what the lady said I was drinking.  Who am I to argue? I haven’t tried making it myself yet but I without a doubt will.

RumFest1Did you make it out to the Summer of Rum festival?  If you aren’t in Tampa are there festivals like this in your area?

Return to the Forbidden Planet!

Last Thursday we decided to go to the Straz Center and see Return to the Forbidden Planet. Cheesy Sci-fi?  I’m so in!  It was my first time going to the Straz Center and I was really impressed by the area.  There were lots of places to eat nearby and a library right across the way which you could get to through a glass walkway that made me think of Stephen King’s IT.  Wasn’t there a glass walkway to the library in that book?  But this one is up a floor or two.

Anyways, we got there early and were walking through said walkway when I noticed something odd.

20140612_191033Um, are those Storm Troopers?  Yes, yes they are.  We had time before the show started so we decided to go check it out.  Actually, I would have totally been late to go check Storm Troopers out.  So off we go and guess what?  They were there for Forbidden Planet, and so was Darth Vader! Seriously cool. I mean, you know, to people like me.

Turns out pretty much everyone was there! I even got a picture with Spider-Man to send to my nephews, making me the coolest aunt ever. No, this isn’t it.


After stopping at the bar for a rum and coke (not something you can do everywhere in Florida!) we went in to see the show.

20140612_195810It’s a lot of the Tempest, a lot of Forbidden Planet, a lot of 50’s rock, and a lot of fun!  I was pretty amazed at how much fun we had, they had the entire audience laughing most of the night.  And 4 days later I’m still singing songs from the show.  (Gloria, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Young Girl… )


Did I mention the space monsters?

Somethings Coming


Even in space the Monster Mash is all that.

Monster Mash

If you are in the Tampa area and you are a fan of Shakespeare / sci fi / music / theater or fun  you should really go check them out. You can see the times and prices and get your tickets here. The show is Thursday through Sunday until July 6th.

I was given two tickets to see The Forbidden Planet in exchange for an honest review.

So, how about you?  Have you been to the Straz Center yet?  Have you seen Return to the Forbidden Planet anywhere else?  And the all important question, do you know the walkway in IT that I’m talking about?


Color Us Rad!

Saturday morning me and mine and my sister and hers all got up at the you-know-what of dawn and went to Color Me Rad. Our (8 between us) kids ranged from her 3 year old twins to my 20 year old, we were quite the rag tag assortment.

We were a little late (we have a rep to keep up) and it was a wee bit warm but there was a nice breeze, they were handing out plenty of water, and we had a blast.  I think the kids favorite part is that they were not only allowed to get dirty, they were allowed to get OTHER people dirty.  The twins were rubbing their hands in the colored powder on the ground and then on peoples shirts, pre-school heaven.

Here’s our running crew.  AfterColorMeRadNeedless to say we did a whole lot of walking and trading the wee ones back and forth; they walked, ran and hitched rides  at will.  The run was on the fairgrounds so we didn’t feel uncomfortable letting the older ones run ahead of us. No cars and nowhere to get lost!

As much as I’d love for these fun runs to instill a love of running in the kids you really can’t say what will happen.  But I can say that events like this are a great way to spend the day as a family, get away from computers, and make great memories.  And my kids have all of their race bibs pinned to their wall.  I didn’t suggest it, so it makes me happy to see that they are proud of them.

And seriously, who couldn’t use a little more boom, a little more rad, and a little more color in their day?

The boysTo top it all off I had the added benefit of a build in chauffeur.  I still don’t get why people don’t love having teenagers around.  Well, OK, it depends on the day.

My DriverMy family’s other favorite thing to do together is eat, the family is Italian so we can get 40 people and 10 pounds of pasta together in a heartbeat. Like magic!

The family that plays together… probably bickers all the way there and back, but whatever.  How about you, what do you and your family like to do together?

Disclosure: I received race entries in exchange for posting about Color Me Rad.

30 Day Zombie Film Festival

Last weekend I went to an award ceremony for the Zombie Film Festival, and the week before I went to their second premier night to watch a bunch of short films, all about zombies (as you may guess).  What fun!

What is a Zombie Film Festival?  Participants get 30 days to create a film and all films have to contain certain elements.  I know these had to have a particular quote, a zombie joke, a plunger, and a few other items.  It was really fun to watch for the requirements in all of the different films.

After the award ceremony the second Friday there was a really fun punk band, The Funeral Dazies.  All of the members were zombies, and body parts did occasionally fly to and from the stage, but I’m sure they were basically nice people.   Here’s the band, a stray body part, and the awards announcer. They look nice, right??

ZombieFestStuffSo how did I know to go see all of this awesomeness when you didn’t even know it existed?  I have an in!  I know a really great group of people who happen to have just started a film company, Atone Films.  Their film, In Vain, won an award!


Here’s the link to the short film, check it out! Then go over to Atone Film’s new Facebook page and let them know if you like it!

The lead in the film happens to be the guy I’ve been seeing for many a year, do I know how to find the good guys or what?

Are you a fan of zombie films?  Do you think 100s of slow, shambling zombies are scarier or just one or two fast, parkour type zombies are scarier?  I guess it depends on how fast you can run…




About That Spring Beer Fling…

I can’t believe the Spring Beer Fling was almost a month ago! I’ve fallen so away from writing (and running) lately that I never got around to writing a review of it, which is bad because it was great for so many reasons!

fling cups 3-30-2014 1-06-25 PM

We didn’t stay until the beach ball drop because Walking Dead(!!!)  but we got there at 12 when they opened and stayed until almost 6.  I really didn’t expect to stay so long but it could not have been better weather to be out in all day and the bands were great.  Basically we rotated between standing in the grass in front of the stage, to the tables looking over the river to the tables in the (shaded) VIP section to the grass in front of the stage….

Since we got there at lunch time the first thing I wanted to do was eat.  OK, the first thing I always want to do is eat, but whatever.  There were quite a lot of really great food trucks and vendors but I ended up getting the WokStar Rainbow Noodles at I Wanna Wok . Excellent choice!  the people who took our order and made the food were super nice and any time I get to eat with chop sticks I’m pretty happy.  But better than all that – the food was amazing.

IWannaWok 3-30-2014 1-53-31 PMOh, and there was beer.  I have to admit, I didn’t try much of it as I was the driver of the day but we were there plenty long enough for me to try the Deep Eddy Vodka Eddy Palmer.  Sweet tea vodka, club soda, lemonade and lemon?  Ya, I’ll have one+ of those.  My parents went with us and my (non-drinking) mom had more than one of them – that tells you they were amazing.

And of course there was music all day long.  The Pretty Girls, The Heavy Metals, the Intoxicators were all great.

Beer Fling 4-24-2014 10-05-46 PMWeren’t there?  Well, there’s always next year!  But if you don’t want to wait that long the same people who put on the Spring Beer Fling are having a Tampa Bay Margarita Festival May 24th!  I may have some tickets to give away for the festival soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. If I have a drink of choice it is beyond a doubt tequila so I can’t wait!






Running (and stuff) at ElectroDash

Last week I went to ElectroDash with all 3 of my kids (12, 14, 20) and my oldest’s friend.  Not one of them are runners, but when I showed them the ElectroDash 5K website  it took them all of 30 seconds to be all in. Since it was a Friday night and I work in Tampa I had them meet me out there and we all drove in together to save on the parking fee.

The older two ran ahead and I put my 12 year old in charge of when we ran and when we walked.  This was not a run made for dashing through, this was a run made for having fun and stopping to check things out.  We ran the run and stopped to look at some of the lights, and I found that my Children of the Corn were all in total no photos mode .  They decided it would be great fun to avoid a good picture at any cost the entire night. Also, I had auto-flash on my camera. Oh well.

ElectroJelliesAs much fun as we had during the run I think we had even more fun afterwards. They had a DJ, lots of techno music, and lots of random glow-things being thrown into and by the crowd all over the place.  Even my 12 year old, who’s favorite thing in the whole world is to show how bored he is at anything that mom suggests finally broke down and got into it.


Now that’s a win!!

If you want to go you can see if they are coming to your area here.

If you go wear lots of glow-stuff and stay for the after party. I heard them mention they had beer somewhere too, but since I was doing the family thing I didn’t go look.  Oh, and a tip that may be obvious but I didn’t even think about, turn the flash off on your camera before you get there!

Castle Canyon

I went to the Mud Endeavor obstacle run and it did exactly what I knew it would – got me motivated to run again.  Yay!

I was kind of upset because I forgot to bring a camera to at least take a couple of pictures before the run.  But then I looked at their Facebook page and they are letting us download pictures for free.  Nice! Here is why I was so anxious to get pictures:

castleHow cool is that?  Out of all of the runs I’ve done Mud Endeavor  runs are my favorite – I’d be happy to run every one they put on.  But this location was by far my favorite.  Lots and lots of (steep) hills, boulders and actual climbing (almost like AZ, this was the closest to a place to hike I’ve seen in this state!) and just generally a beautiful place.  Who wouldn’t love obstacles like this??

cliffThere were a couple of uphills like this and one downhill with the rope to help, which was VERY fun.  And ya, two days later my right tricep and shoulder are still a wee bit sore.  Which is weird since that is the side I have tennis elbow on so I would have thought I’d baby that side.  Guess not.  Even my subconscious is out to get me, go figure.

Anyways, they also had the more typical stuff like the A frame net to climb (very high) and over and unders to be tortured by.  I was not really looking forward to the run until the night before because I haven’t been running at all this month, my elbow has been hurting just drinking coffee, and I REALLY had hoped to learn to climb a rope before my next run.  I didn’t learn it.  😦  The last thing in the course was a free rope climb (or whatever you call climbing a rope with no wall) and I hate to admit I just walked on by.  It was the only obstacle I didn’t do, I REALLY need to learn that! But long story short, always look forward to an obstacle race even if you aren’t all that ready for it.  It’ll be fun, it’s just a given.

On top of all that they have some pretty groovy race bling.  I am really hoping I can make it to their next run, the Little Manatee River Run.  My usual partner in crime will be unable to make it but I don’t want to miss out!

Castle BlingOn top of all that we ran into our friend Ashley (1st place in the competitive heat!) and I met Holly from Muddy Mommy.  I was happy about that because I just won a entry from her to Hog Wild’s Off Road 5K (or 8 miler, maybe next time) and got to thank her. That’s what I love about running and reading running blogs, it’s its own little community. I always seem to recognize or know someone at every race.

All in all an excellent run, and I am unbelievably happy to have got back the running bug.  I guess the secret is to do more races!

If you’re a runner do you ever just kind of stop for a while?  I tend to do it every so often for no reason at all.  Worst of all is that when I don’t run I don’t feel as good in general.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this to themselves.  What do YOU do to keep motivated?

Dirty Girl Mud Run Tampa

I ran the Dirty Girl mud run in Tampa Saturday at 8am. That meant I had to be somewhere an hour from my house around 7am, translate to I had to get up really early on a weekend and it was my own idea.  Geez, sometimes even I wonder about me. I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for a run before 10 am because well, it would be before 10am. But check out the payoff.  It was beautiful and foggy when we got there.  Sadly the fog lifted quickly but Little Everglades Ranch is always beautiful.

100_3054It seems that Tampa is a saner place than it’s reputation, the early run wasn’t very crowded. Even if it had been it wouldn’t have mattered because they had the sign in process and everything set up really well. This is the first mud run I’ve ever done where I didn’t have to wait to spray the mud off AND there was actually enough water pressure to rinse off.  Nice!

I had originally planned on running this one by myself but I ended up running with a couple of fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers members.  This isn’t one of those races where the obstacles are so difficult you need to run with a team so everyone can help each other, but I had way more fun than I would have running by myself!

I was excited about this race because it is the first obstacle run I’ve done barefoot.  I stashed some running shoes in my backpack in case it wasn’t allowed but the few comments I got were all positive.  I knew Little Everglades Ranch would be a good place to try it though the run did start with a gravel road, I ran beside it in the grass.

Also, this pond is full of pointy rocks on the bottom, that was fun.

rocky pondThe only part I was really worried about was the rope net – I was afraid it would hurt and it did.  Of course I had to pause for a picture at the top just to prove that I had actually done it.

I realized I’m starting to like the walls that you can climb (without a rope), I think because going over the top used to be so scary and now it doesn’t bother me. Any and all progress makes me happy!  Oh, and yes it seems there was a bit of muddy water on my camera lens and also the waterproof camera bag I had it in slipped to the side so several of my pics had a lovely black ring on one side or the other. Someday I’ll have to invest in an actual waterproof camera, but today is not that day.

100_3081TheWallA fun thing about these mud runs that aren’t crazy hard is you seem to get much, much muddier.  There was a mud pit where you had to crawl under a net to get through, there was just no other way and also some long tubes to crawl through full of nice, dark coffee colored water to go through. I can’t pretend I wasn’t thinking of water moccasins crawling through there. You can’t tell in the pictures because I was wearing black but my clothes  were soaked in thick muddy water. It required quite a bit of scrubbing to get clean afterwards!  There IS a reason they call it the Dirty Girl mud run.

AfterRaceI can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this run.  The parking was close, the organization was stellar and the run itself was a lot of fun.  I would have liked more obstacles but I think that about every run, I love the obstacles!  There was even the mandatory complimentary ice cold beer afterwards (yes, I know it wasn’t even 10 am yet.  don’t judge). I was a little bummed they gave out necklaces instead of the usual medal, but this is a lot more wearable and it IS a women’s run so it fits.  And on that note, my also mandatory showing off of the bling.

DirtyGirlSwagAfter the run I did a couple errands and then headed out to Riverview to visit some friends.  They took us to Sakura for saki and sushi.  I like sushi OK but there are usually maybe 2 vegetarian choices so it’s not my favorite.  I had the AAC roll (asparagus, avocado and cucumber) which was the same ingredients as usual but honestly better than I’d had before and also sweet potato rolls.  These were outstanding!  I also had a seafood salad that was pretty good, it was oddly florescent though which made me wonder why. I also tried saki for the first time. I can’t say it was my favorite. It wasn’t horrible or wonderful, it just was.  I know there are lots of different kinds so I’ll have to try it again.

All in all a pretty great day; Sunday I did as little as possible and enjoyed that as well!

The 5k Zombie Run – Why Can’t I do this Every Weekend??!?

This race was pretty simple.  No obstacles.  No timers. No roads. No way out without getting dangerously close to many, many zombies….

Infection is Spreading

Nothing like sprinting through a small zombie horde to get your heart racing!  I think I ran faster during this un-timed run than ever before – thank goodness we were able to walk between the zombies.  That’s the biggest part of the fun of these runs, trying to dodge between zombies chasing you, zig-zagging back and forth at top speed.  It’s not everyday an adult can get away with that you know.  The other half of the fun is everyone there is obviously having a blast and really, really nice.  This is the second time I’ve run this and both times every single person I met was super friendly.

I started wondering if I could get my kids to dress like zombies and get them to jump out randomly on my regular scheduled runs. Would my neighbors come running out to help?

There were a lot more zombies this year than last year. The run was at Lake Park in Lutz, Florida which is like 30 minutes from my house and I’ve never even heard of it before. I’ll definitely be visiting here again! I’d even swear I saw a lake through the trees at one point, I must go back exploring.

The bad thing about a trail run with zombies?  Well, a trail isn’t exactly a road.  If a zombie comes running up behind you (some were original Dawn of the the Dead slow and some were new Dawn of the Dead fast) you can’t exactly get through the crowd in front of you.  It’s kind of like my driving mantra. You can’t go faster than whoever is in front of you, try as you might (stupid tailgaters). However, in a moment of zombie induced panic I did try and get past the guy in front of me for a minute, then I had to stop and apologize.  He didn’t care a bit but I felt a wee bit dumb.

There was no mud and not too much blood so no need for an after picture, but here we are before the run.  Heck ya I was proud of my I ♥ Daryl t-shirt.

Zombie 5K 2013Speaking of blood, they had a blood splatter station for the zombies.  Dexter would have been so happy.

One other thing of note – this is the second time in a row I started a run with shoes and ended without them.  I wore the same shoes I always do to an organized run but this time they tore up the backs of my feet from the heels all the way to the top of my shoes.  Maybe because this wasn’t a mud run and my feet were dry?  I have no idea but I think I may be officially done with running in shoes, obstacles or not.  I’ll spare you the gory pictures (you’re welcome) but trust me when I say it was quite the lesson learned.  And contrary to what I would have thought only one single person even seemed to notice the lack of shoes, and she just asked if I was a barefoot runner.

What else could there possibly be to add to the good times?  Superman Walks founder Thomas Mills was there.  If you haven’t heard of Superman Walks you should check out their site, it’s a great organization. I’d love to walk with them one of these times.

And of course you can’t forget the racing bling.

Zombie Bling 2013