About That Spring Beer Fling…

I can’t believe the Spring Beer Fling was almost a month ago! I’ve fallen so away from writing (and running) lately that I never got around to writing a review of it, which is bad because it was great for so many reasons!

fling cups 3-30-2014 1-06-25 PM

We didn’t stay until the beach ball drop because Walking Dead(!!!)  but we got there at 12 when they opened and stayed until almost 6.  I really didn’t expect to stay so long but it could not have been better weather to be out in all day and the bands were great.  Basically we rotated between standing in the grass in front of the stage, to the tables looking over the river to the tables in the (shaded) VIP section to the grass in front of the stage….

Since we got there at lunch time the first thing I wanted to do was eat.  OK, the first thing I always want to do is eat, but whatever.  There were quite a lot of really great food trucks and vendors but I ended up getting the WokStar Rainbow Noodles at I Wanna Wok . Excellent choice!  the people who took our order and made the food were super nice and any time I get to eat with chop sticks I’m pretty happy.  But better than all that – the food was amazing.

IWannaWok 3-30-2014 1-53-31 PMOh, and there was beer.  I have to admit, I didn’t try much of it as I was the driver of the day but we were there plenty long enough for me to try the Deep Eddy Vodka Eddy Palmer.  Sweet tea vodka, club soda, lemonade and lemon?  Ya, I’ll have one+ of those.  My parents went with us and my (non-drinking) mom had more than one of them – that tells you they were amazing.

And of course there was music all day long.  The Pretty Girls, The Heavy Metals, the Intoxicators were all great.

Beer Fling 4-24-2014 10-05-46 PMWeren’t there?  Well, there’s always next year!  But if you don’t want to wait that long the same people who put on the Spring Beer Fling are having a Tampa Bay Margarita Festival May 24th!  I may have some tickets to give away for the festival soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. If I have a drink of choice it is beyond a doubt tequila so I can’t wait!