Running (and stuff) at ElectroDash

Last week I went to ElectroDash with all 3 of my kids (12, 14, 20) and my oldest’s friend.  Not one of them are runners, but when I showed them the ElectroDash 5K website  it took them all of 30 seconds to be all in. Since it was a Friday night and I work in Tampa I had them meet me out there and we all drove in together to save on the parking fee.

The older two ran ahead and I put my 12 year old in charge of when we ran and when we walked.  This was not a run made for dashing through, this was a run made for having fun and stopping to check things out.  We ran the run and stopped to look at some of the lights, and I found that my Children of the Corn were all in total no photos mode .  They decided it would be great fun to avoid a good picture at any cost the entire night. Also, I had auto-flash on my camera. Oh well.

ElectroJelliesAs much fun as we had during the run I think we had even more fun afterwards. They had a DJ, lots of techno music, and lots of random glow-things being thrown into and by the crowd all over the place.  Even my 12 year old, who’s favorite thing in the whole world is to show how bored he is at anything that mom suggests finally broke down and got into it.



Now that’s a win!!

If you want to go you can see if they are coming to your area here.

If you go wear lots of glow-stuff and stay for the after party. I heard them mention they had beer somewhere too, but since I was doing the family thing I didn’t go look.  Oh, and a tip that may be obvious but I didn’t even think about, turn the flash off on your camera before you get there!