Why Only Kinda Zennish?

I believe very strongly that honesty is the best policy. I believe that life should be lived to the fullest.  I believe that if you don’t have enough zen moments (moments of being IN the moment) then you need to sit down in the rain and appreciate it. I love doing yoga, painting, hiking, taking photos, drinking wine (and such) in the company of friends and strangers, and paddleboarding for hours.

I also have family, cats, dogs, bunnies, a full-time job, and a real life. My dumb house does not clean itself. Sadly, neither does the RV I’m currently staying in. I think it would be awesome to eat nothing but whole foods all the time but living with a mini-fridge when in the middle of the woods makes it tough to always have produce, and microwaved rice and curry is on the table in like 5 minutes. I’m still working on my excuse for the times when we’re staying in a trailer park 5 minutes from the grocer. Give me a minute on that one.

Kind of a bummer sometimes.  Kind of great sometimes.  Yin & Yang, yoga & vodka, paint & photos, reasonable thoughts & insanity. I have them all. Bet you do too.