Back on the Road. Again.

The RV and Mia at a brandy distillery

I think I have officially become a nomad, of the digital sort. A few years ago I sold my car because my boyfriend had one and we didn’t need two, or have space for it since the HOA prohibited parking even a little bit in the street. A bit later I bought the travel trailer I’ve been going around in and we pulled it behind the other half’s van. I liked the setup, the van had air and was built in for camping so it was close to having 2 RVs, minus water in the second one.

Around July my (adult) kids who had been living in the house and taking care of the dogs and two of the cats decided it was time to be out in the world so I went back and quickly remembered I didn’t love being there. Between that and the HOA, it was an easy choice to sell the house and get back on the road. But now we’d be traveling with 2 fifty pound dogs and 4 cats instead of just 2 cats. Not ideal in a 17-foot trailer. So I sold my trailer and the other half traded his van in for a class A, plenty of room for all. I like the smaller RVs but I’m pretty sure the cats are happier in the bigger one. They certainly are happy not to have to be moved into the van on travel days. Now the only things I own are clothes, a camera, and some paint, and a laptop. And, of course, a student loan

We left in January when it was way too cold to head north, so I headed back to Arizona for a week to check out Marana, where there had been cheap land on Zillow and found there was cheap land no more. I’d never been to New Mexico, so here we are for a month only half an hour from White Sands National Park and 20 minutes from the Lincoln National Forest with plenty of nearby trails to hike.

It’s been less than a week since I got here, but I can tell it’ll be a great month full of tourist traps and hiking. Two of my favorite things!