Fear and Yoga in Port Richey

I went to my very first yoga class today. I do yoga all the time at home, but going to a class and doing yoga around people that actually know what they are doing intimidates me beyond words.

It’s a different spin on one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One person’s good time is another person’s fear. It should be such a little thing really.  But I also feel extremely uncomfortable in a gym or any other organized place where people are doing something I enjoy doing. I don’t really know why, I think I’m afraid I’ll stand out as the one person in the room who has no clue. I’m fully aware that a bunch of strangers do not care how I do what I do, and on most levels I really don’t care what a strangers opinion of me is anyways. And yet… still I am intimidated.

The studio was amazing, it could not have been better. The class was small enough that there was a single row of mats, no need to worry about being in front of people or too far back. Everyone was incredibly nice and I was able to get tips on my form in triangle pose, one that I always do a bit sloppy. So it was a good experience and I’d like to go back.  But still, it would be a different class with a different instructor and I’d be really nervous about it all over again. I’m thinking I should buy a block of classes because I’m not a person to spend money on something and then not use it. I may not know why I am intimidated by such silly things, but at least I know how to trick myself into doing them anyways sometimes.

Oh, and by the way I can’t say yet how far tonight’s run will be but I did check the mail today. And do you know what? There was something from a friend – a Halloween party invite.  These goal things are kind of fun!

What about you? Is there anything that is everyday for most people but intimidating to you?  What are you going to do about it?