Twitter and Life

So I joined Twitter the other day, just to see what it is all about. Today I saw 2 things there that struck me.

The second was #plankaday. You post that every time you plank, and if you don’t post for three days in a row the PLANK POLICE hassle you on twitter. I know I’m a nerd, but how great is that??? Of course I joined right away, even hit a minute my first plank. Which is more awesome than it sounds, because last time I tried doing planks as long as I could I didn’t even hit a minute. Don’t laugh, they’re hard!

The first thing that caught my eye was a tweet by JillWillRun: “This working mom thing is bullshit. Taking her to daycare made me sad, had to deal with crap at work, now trying to figure out when to run.”

This working mom thing IS bullshit. My kids are way past daycare, the youngest is 11. But I will never forget leaving my son at daycare the first time, I no doubt cried as much as he did. But then we got used to it.

Then he started kindergarten and I was so intimidated by having to go talk to his teacher on parent/ teacher day (when did I become the adult?) But then we got used to it.

His sister was born the same year he started kindergarten, I walked him to school holding his hand in my left hand and holding his sister in my right arm. There is NOTHING stronger than a parent. Trust me on than one.

The next year they got a baby brother, it took a while to get used to two so close in age! (My sister has twin 1 year olds and I don’t have a clue how she does it)

The next year I got to figure out how to be a single mom with three kids. I also got used to that.

Long story short(ish)? I always go back and forth about how I’ve been running for this long and I still can’t get past a 5K.

Lots of the time I look at my schedule and think, how did I even get this far? I work full time and drive an hour and a half each way to work, it’s not like I have time to run. Or do anything else. I have 3 kids! And 2 dogs! One is a lab puppy which seriously counts as like 15 other dogs. Lelo never stops. Ever.

That’s where the Internet jumps in and can be incredibly inspiring (aka annoying as hell). I see people post things like I started running 6 months ago and just ran a marathon… or I trained for an ultra while pushing my newborn in a stroller… Wait. What? Humans can do that? I am pretty sure I will never run an ultra, and even a marathon is pretty dang doubtful, though I would love to be able to say I had done it. But watching, reading about, and knowing what other people have accomplished is just what I need sometimes. It reminds me that we humans CAN do crazy things, sometimes even things that sound impossible.

So I will do a plank a day and dream of the day I get to 5 whole minutes, and I will run when I can instead of as often as I should, and I will write this silly blog just because I like to. And I bet JillWillRun already figured out when to run.

Oh and P.S.

I now have a 19 year old who got his driver’s license, truck, and first job all in two weeks.
I now have a daughter in middle school who I can only hope will not want to go on a date any time soon.
I now have a son in middle school that can do ANYTHING on a computer.
Lelo. Enough said.

I am NOT used to that.