Time to reboot?

All this week I’ve been dragging myself out of bed, yawning through a fog at work, and generally cranky. To top it off, I’ve been limping around for no apparent reason, my leg has really been killing me. That’s a bit of a mystery, it can’t very well be an overuse injury since that would require actual overuse. Whatever caused it I’m ready to be over it.

I think Sunday it’s time for a start-over, I’m going to juice fast and then go whole foods for a while.  There’s nothing like a juice fast to clear your head and get things back on track!  I don’t know how long I’ll fast for, I’ve found I tend to do better when I plan one day at a time.  The longest I’ve ever juice fasted was 4 days, I’m not really out to beat the record or anything.

Top that off with lots of restorative yoga and I should be brand new by the end of the week.  And best of all, although I was limping to an embarrassing extent this morning at work I really do feel a lot better tonight.  Maybe the mystery pain will go away as quickly as it came on.  If so I’ll start running again on Sunday, I see no reason to push it.

Why wait until Sunday to start?  Because tomorrow I’m going to the Clearwater Jazz Holiday!  I can’t even pretend that I know a single thing about jazz, and I have no clue why it’s called holiday since I doubt a anyone will be there in a costume.  (I am sorely tempted to wear my flapper costume though).  But I do know that any type of music festival is good for the soul, (and yes, a bit of a holiday) so I am sooo in!

If that’s not enough reason to postpone a fast for one day our friends got us VIP tickets so there will be plenty of food and the wine will be flowing…

Music to heal the soul, then juice fast to heal the body, I should be right as rain in no time!