Stupid Calories. And an Armadillo

Well, I have been doing a good job eating healthy this week, but not an excellent job sticking to my strict plan. Biggest win? Staying away from the vending machine (except once, but they were baked chips!) Biggest loss? The fact that they make popcorn 3 days a week at work and as soon as I smell it popping I find myself walking away with a bag. This isn’t air popped popcorn, this stuff is worst for you than the stuff at the movies. I guess next week’s big goal is no popcorn! What the heck, start small.

I’ve never been one to look at the calories on stuff, and now that I did I wish I’d never looked! Turns out one of my bigger calorie splurge is my most-nightly drink.

• Angry Orchard Ginger Hard Cider = 210 calories a bottle (yes, one, single bottle!)

• Mike’s hard lemonade = 220 calories

• Sangria = about 150

• Captain Morgan and Coke= 127 calories for 5 ounces

Since I’m on a hard cider kick I grabbed a 6 pack of Michelob Ultra Light Cider and would you believe it is 120 calories a bottle??? Seriously. It has the word light right on the label. Not just light, ULTRA light! All the other flavors only have 95, that’s just not fair.

I can see I’ll be done with this whole reading calories thing soon. When I started reading labels for sodium and weird stuff I cut out a ton of food, if I keep reading calories I’ll just quit eating before you know it. OK, that was a lie, I like eating.

On a more interesting note, I ran about 2 miles last night. It was my first run in a bit over two weeks. It was freezing (for FL) for most of that time and I am a huge cold wimp, and then it just took me a few days to remember that I like to run.

The interesting part is I almost tripped over an armadillo! I was running along watching for whatever might be in my way in the street and this thing was right on the edge of the grass, I didn’t see it until I was about a foot from it. Apparently I tend to focus a bit too much on what is directly in front of me. That resulted in a graceless but funny side jump of a few feet. Thank goodness I my neighbors on that part of the street are rarely out!

Oh, another cool thing.(Nerdy cool, but whatever) I realized on my run last night that I am no longer having an issue with pebbles and little things bothering my feet when I run barefoot! I read that eventually that would happen but I didn’t think it would so soon. I haven’t barefoot trail-run in well over a month; I think it’s time to try it again! I just need to find a running partner, I get way too nervous listening to what sounds like a bear and is probably a lizard in the trees.