Starting Where I Am

I started the 100 pushup challenge on the 4th. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the last day of week 2. I have to say, it’s do-able but brutal. It went from intervals that added up to 24 to doing 71 last night! The most in a row was 17 though. May I just say 17 is a LOT? My form kind of went to hell on the last 2 or 3. I’m going to try and do W3D3 tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be re-doing this week.

That’s not a bad thing though. The bad thing would be to give up. Which, actually, I’ve done before. This time I decided to start easier and I am going through the plan using modified pushups. My plan is to get to the end of the program and then start over from the beginning doing regular (real?) pushups.

I always say that people should start from where they are, but the idea of actually doing it myself seems to have completely slipped my grasp until lately.

Starting from the beginning really worked for me running barefoot. I’ve skipped from the walk/run program to the run/walk program (confusing much?) in the book I bought, Running for Mortals. I have to admit I also skipped a few days here and there. But overall I have been following the plan and when I am sore I take days off until I’m not and that is really working for me.

I’m already running as far as I was before I hurt my hip and started running barefoot. I am progressing as slowly as I need to to get used to the barefoot thing and I am finding that the simple act of adding a minute of walking here and there makes running not only less intimidating, but also easier to progress.

So far the only aches I’ve had since running barefoot are my actual feet and sometimes ankles. But it’s not an I hurt myself ache, it’s an I’m using muscles that didn’t know they were there ache.

Hmm. Turns out my advice isn’t half bad. Maybe I should start taking it more often.