Running accidentally?

After I got home tonight I decided not to go for a run.  No shame in that, running every other night is a bit more than the 3 times a week that always used to be my goal that I never kept. 

After work my insanely active lab pup got me playing with her, which somehow got my energy back up to where I decided just to run to the end of the street and back for fun.  Next thing you know I had run my mile way faster than usual, just for fun.  What is that? Somehow I accidentally got my mile run in tonight without even trying.

Tomorrow is a day off and Friday, then a Saturday trail run which is just too fun to skip.  I love walking or running in the woods.  I do wish I could train my puppy to run with me without pulling since she loves the trails as much or more than I do, but that is something I’ll just have to work on.

I don’t know if the difference is that I’m running barefoot now, that I took a few month off, or that I’m no longer pushing myself to do anything but what I want to but somehow running has got fun again. 

Now if only I could get started with weights again!