Pretty muddy? Pretty Cool!

What could be a more different mud run than the 5K Zombie Run I’m doing with Clay in December? How about a women only mud run with a bubble obstacle? Um, yeah, that’s different! So November 10th I’m running in Pretty Muddy in Tampa. I’ve never run one without Clay or my son, Nick, so I am really excited.

This time I’m on my own, and I have to admit it’s a pretty intimidating. But that’s what it’s all about! A mud run just for women. And even if I can’t see how it will help me prepare for a zombie apocalypse,running through bubbles cannot be anything BUT epic fun! I think that as a women only run this mud run will be all about comradry and having fun. I should have more information about the run soon, if anyone wants to join me I run at 10 am!


Now the only problem is I seem to have injured my left leg and knee just when I really need to step up the running – it even hurts to walk, and I don’t know what I did or when I did it. I think I will take tomorrow totally off and try a long, slow run Saturday or Sunday. I did a bit over a mile tonight, and it didn’t really hurt enough to make me stop but it DID hurt.