Off the Wagon… Again

It seems I took the Dr.’s order to take if easy for two weeks perhaps a bit too seriously.  I have done NOTHING so far but eat crap.  No running, no walking the mutt (she pulls so hard it was bothering my hip to walk her), no stairs at work.  I watched the entire first season of American Horror Story and have an awesome place in Minecraft though, so that’s something. 

I got a bunch of stuff done around the house this week, so it wasn’t as much of a total wash as it feels like.  But I can’t believe how easy it becomes to do nothing that is good for you.  I haven’t even done yoga until yesterday; I used to do yoga daily. That’s a habit I’m getting back into starting yesterday!  Yoga is every bit as good for you as running both physically and mentally, but in a completely different way.  The two complement each other perfectly.

Time to get back to 20 minutes of yoga on work days and 40-60 on days off. Goodness knows I need something to help keep me zen, I don’t stay that way naturally! 

I have today and tomorrow off to see Eddie Vedder both nights (yay!) which gives me plenty of time to start my week off right.  So I’m off to do an hour of yoga, make myself a green smoothie, and plan and plot how to keep myself motivated for more than 10 minutes at a time…