Hog Wild 2 (1st for me)

Ran in Hog Wild 2 this morning with my son. I think an awful lot of that ‘mud’ may have actually been random animal droppings, it was way thicker than any mud I’ve ever seen and didn’t smell too pleasant.

This was the single most UNorganized anything I have ever been to.  We got there an hour and a half early (as requested) but were in line for over two hours to pick up our race packets. By the time we got in I was so hot and just tired of standing I didn’t even feel like running anymore. I had planned on really pushing myself on this run, but ended up walking most of it.

If the wait wasn’t bad enough (it was) there was absolutely no one at the start line but a couple of other people trying to figure out when to start running.  We got tired of waiting and just kind of went. Last really bad thing: there were huge, angry bulls and cattle on the field.  Yes, for real. Which randomly ran through the crowd.  Scary much?  Um, yes.

The other side of the coin?  The race was AWESOME.  In spite of the bad I would definitely do it again if the company putting it on promised a much shorter line and more people working there.  A lot of the obstacles were natural – running hilly trails was fun, but going through water and sliding into water before swimming across it was a blast.

I had to skip some of these obstacles – there was a wall with just a rope to climb up that I wasn’t even going to attempt if I had all the energy in the world.  But it is something I want to be able to do in the future!

I thought the site said there would be ice water you had to go through, but I didn’t see it, maybe because no one refilled the ice?  Can’t say I’m upset about that, ice water and electricity are 2 things I can do without.  But I didn’t, because one of the obstacles was electrified barb wire you had to crawl under through thick mud.  How great is that?!?

I actually lost the bottoms of both of my sneakers running (ok, walking) this race, I think I lost the first one wading through the water and another just in the mud.  Now THAT is a mud run.