Heaven forbid, I think my mom is RIGHT

I was telling my mom about the zombie 5K we signed up for and she said she thought I was becoming ‘obsessed’ with these runs.  Of course I just laughed at her.

This morning I got up a little after 5 to do an arm/core workout.  Usually I drag  myself out of bed with barely enough time to get ready and get to work on time, I find myself eating while driving to work or after I get to work half the time as a result.  But I decided to get back on the wagon as far as working out, after all I only have 2 and a half months to get better prepared for the next 5K!

I went for a run tonight after work (and after an episode of Supernatural) and while I was running I was thinking to myself about what I could build in the back yard to practice getting over walls.  You know, just in case. Would the neighbors think it was weird if I had a rope hanging off the roof and tried climbing it once in a while?   And of course a couple of pvc hurdles out back would be cool, I saw how to make them on the Internet last night.

And even as I sit here with my shoulders and arms sore from this morning my mind is turning with what I can do in the morning if I get up early again… Leg and back workout?  Yoga?  an early run?  I actually find the total quiet of early morning runs too creepy, much prefer to run at night.

Long story short, I think my mother could have been right.  She may have even been underestimating the obsession!