Finally Fall! and?

Everyone around me seems to be very excited that fall is here. I understand why.  The leaves turn color, the air picks up a bit of a chill, running seems easier, and the holidays are on their way. The family is talking about wearing sweaters, baking bread and cookies and the like.

Oh, wait.  I’m in Florida.  Fall doesn’t really apply. Not yet anyway.

I sat outside having a cup of coffee with my dad and other neighbors on the first official day of fall. The air was thick and heavy with humidity, one of those morning when you can almost feel a literal weight on your shoulders.  I decided that if we have time zones then we should get to have season zones too.  It’s only fair, don’t you think?

I have to admit, I am looking forward to the weather cooling down, making soups and bread for dinner and feeling a crispness in the air.  As a runner I also look forward to how much easier it will feel the first few times I run outside in the cold.

Plus, Halloween is on it’s way and it’s always been my favorite holiday of the year.

But probably the best thing of all is that once it gets cold I won’t have to mow every single weekend.  Come on, you know that’s your favorite part of the season too!


I looked through all of my old pictures and this crooked picture of a bridge (which gives me a bad case of vertigo) is the only one I could find that looked a bit like fall. It seems that Florida is really green all year round.  Which is great until you are looking for a picture that reminds you of fall…

Are you excited that the seasons are changing?  Are you looking forward to the holidays this year?