Fasting, not fast.

Day 2 of my juice fast. I’m not aiming for a particular number of days, I prefer to decide each morning. It doesn’t say much for my goal setting abilities, but it keeps me from psyching myself out about how much longer I want to go!  I like to juice fast occasionally because  it’s like a jump start back to healthy eating when I stray to far into the world of Frito’s and cake…  I tend to actually want healthier food after fasting.  Too bad the effects don’t last longer.

I’d be really curious to see if my running improved or got worst if I did a long fast.  Not curious enough to actually fast for more than a couple of days to find out any time soon though!

Here’s today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.  It made about 30 ounces of juice.  That and LOTS of lemon water and I’m good to go!

Last night I ran 3.14 miles with an average of exactly 12 minute miles.  I actually seem to be getting slower instead of faster, but at least I broke 3 miles that’s a long run for me!  My longest run without walking ever is 3.5 miles, I’m making it my goal to do that again on my next weekend’s ‘long run’. I really don’t want to walk any of the Pretty Muddy run in two weeks!