Dog Smiles Rock

I really need to start taking my dogs for walks more often. I wish I could take them on runs with me but the fact is they seem to make a conscious effort to trip me so that’s out. The last time I took Lelo for a run with me I literally ended up on the ground. It seems adults are not supposed to do such things, there were 2 neighbors outside who saw me fly over my dog and they both instantly, casually walked inside. Wow. I must have the friendliest neighbors ever. But it did leave me laughing so hard I could barely get back up, really it’s for the best that they went in.
I have a decent sized back yard for the dogs to run around in, so it’s not like they are put out by having to stay home or anything. But when the dogs see me open the closet where their leashes are kept they are instantly SO happy and excited, I really like taking them.
Usually such insanely-happy-dog-events are saved for the weekend so we can go over to the park across the road for our walks.
I think we can learn a lot from dogs, if we’re willing. Take joy from the little things!  They are so excited when we go out to the car and as we get out of the car and start walking.  Everything is awesome.  Did you see that, did you smell that, did you hear that? 
I have an older dog too, who I can’t take for walks anymore because her arthritis will act up and she’ll have an even harder than usual time walking the next day if I take her out walking.  She has a horrible time just getting into the car some days.  But nevertheless, she gets upset when I take the other two out without her.

I finally found the answer to what to do with Lucky so she isn’t always the one left home but she doesn’t over exert her poor legs.  If I fold down one of the seats in the car she can get in by going from the floor on the opposite side to the regular car seat to the folded down seat and lay down there.  Since she is lying on the back of the folded down car seat she’s up high enough to look out the window, but she can still lie down and not worry about her legs being unstable as I drive. She loves it!  We can go to the drive-thru at the McDonalds up the street, get me a coffee and her a cup of water (ya, she’s that cool) and head home and Lucky is in dog-heaven.  She better appreciate that since I won’t even take my kids to McDonalds!

Honestly it can really be a pain having dogs to take care of.  I can’t pick up and take the kids somewhere for the weekend, even staying out the entire day requires calling someone to go by the house because the dogs need to go out and they need to eat and they simply need someone around. It’s kind of like having 3 more kids, except they aren’t welcome to go with me most places.

But at the end of the day I really can’t imagine not having dogs around.  They have a simple joy for living that people just don’t have, and it’s happily contagious (or obnoxious as hell, depends on the moment).  If you don’t believe that just show a dog a box of treats or walk towards their leash and ta-da, happiness and joy abound.

It’s probably for the best that we people don’t show that joy for the little things.  I’m pretty sure if I did someone would commit me anyways.