Beach Beast let-down

Well, after much waiting and excitement Beach Beast finally got here.  A 5K on the beach with obstacles, has to be great!  But unfortunately, I didn’t have to be great. 

It started with some over-under boards and then most of the 3 miles of running through the sand, out and back past the start, then out and back a little in the other direction before getting to the rest of the obstacles all in a row.  Oh my god, that sand killed me. I knew I couldn’t run that far in sand without stopping, but I was so wiped sooo quick I can’t believe it.  I only did about half the obstacles, my worst run yet.

My running is always so sporadic that I’m still not comfortable running 30 minutes, but I recently ran 3 and then 3 and a half miles without stopping, which is a good bit over 30 minutes since I’m slow as dirt. I was feeling like I was doing really good. NOT.

The worst part?  I went with my boyfriend, sister and niece and they all kicked my butt.  And none of them run or prepared!  On the extreme plus side they all had so much fun they are ready to sign up for another one!

I had a lot of fun in spite of not doing well, but I definitely prefer a race with more obstacles and with the obstacles spread out throughout the course instead off all grouped together.

I think it’s time for a LOT more consistency in running not to mention a game plan for getting through EVERY obstacle in the next run!