Barrel Box cab sav

I’d love to try and pull off a ‘oh really, boxed wine is so beneath me’, but seriously, Strawberry Boones is still one of my favorites.  How can you resist kool-aid wine?

I bought Barrel Box California Cabernet Sauvignon because it was about $7, is the equivalent of 4 bottles, and I remembered that I had tasted something Barrel Box and liked it.  It is really very good.  The box states “juicy cherry and berry flavors and hints of toasted vanilla”.  I do taste dark berry flavor, and a lot of other subtle flavors that I can’t name, but try as I will I do not taste vanilla.  Which is probably a good thing considering how much I like vanilla.  I’d have to change my blog name to wanna be wino for sure.

The best thing about this wine?  The box says it stays fresh for up to 4 weeks.  I opened the box I have 2 weeks ago, and so gar so good.  It tastes like I just opened it.  I wish all wine stayed fresh  like that!

On to yet another the best part.  I was trying to find a web site for the wine or who made it, but failed.  In the process I found this site:

I could be a wine snob and still drink wine from a box!!!  Even better, because I’d be pretending to drink it from a BARREL, which must be even better than a bottle since I’ve never tried it. You know you want one!