and a minor failure

W6D1 – a 5 minute run, 8 minute run, then 5 again.  It should have been easy after running 20 minutes straight last time!  Not so much.

I like to run at a park on the weekend so that I can run on dirt.  This time I tried the park across the street from my house, I walk there all of the time and it’s a nice long, hard dirt road for as long as I could possibly go.  

What I didn’t notice all the times I’ve walked it is that that nice dirt road turns to deep soft sand quite a few times.  I was thinking all the sandy parts were at the beginning where I was walking anyway! 

The good news is I saw a deer, the bad news is I didn’t make it to the end of the second OR third run by a couple minutes.

After that I took two days off before W6D2, two ten minute runs.  I managed to finish them both on the nice, friendly, unchanging asphalt road.