A running injury WHILE NOT RUNNING?

So it seems that I got my very first real, had-to-go-to-the-dr running injury. I should be very proud of myself considering I have long had the goal of pushing myself to run so hard that I puke. Never actually did that,. but came close. It just sounds so kick-ass die hard! Maybe someday……
The problem is it didn’t actually happen when I was running. I still felt great and normal the next morning after a long run when I got up. It was after my daily hour and a half drive to work that it hit. I got out of the car and bam- it just started hurting and I limped for 3 or 4 days before it settled into an almost ignorable constant pain.

Anyways, according to the Dr I sprained my something indefinable. Whatever it is right where your leg bends at the body. I don’t think it has a name. Whatever it is it has caused me not to run since my last post except for 1 pathetic and painful not quite half a mile run which convinced me to take the last couple weeks off, even though I hadn’t run for a week before the Pretty Muddy 5k either. Unfortunately that had little to no effect on it, it still hurt just walking.

So off to the doc I went. He gave me 10 days of anti-inflammatories and said not to run/jump/skip/etc. for another two weeks. Really? I think I already gained 4 pounds. While it is kind of cool to get a prescription to be lazy I think I better start some upper-body something to make up for it. Why didn’t I try harder to learn to walk on my hands???

The up side? I think maybe I was actually becoming a real runner, because I actually miss it and can’t wait for my 2 weeks to be up. Hopefully I won’t be over it by then. Granted, it wasn’t a gee, I didn’t run today thing but more of a gee, I haven’t run this month thing, but it is a start.

Plus, all this down time made me learn to play Minecraft, thanks to my younger son’s tutoring. Video game addicted much? Why yes. The bad thing is that stupid Minecraft is just like real life, I keep getting lost. But in the game I can’t call my uncle for directions so I have lost 3 or 4 houses now. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds since every once in a while I run into them again and get a nice little virtual-homecoming.