Short Run and a Little Yoga.

I haven’t been running too much lately, I’ve just been too tired.  I decided I’d try a mile again tonight, and I did it but I had to stop in the middle for a few minutes.  Between the heat, the humidity, and being sick the last few weeks I don’t even know if I should try and run or not, but that sounds like a bit of a cop out so I figured I better!

So I did my slow mile and then looked on line for a short yoga video.  I didn’t feel like doing the after run yoga I usually do so I decided to try one specifically aimed at feet instead.  After all, if you’re going to run barefoot you should watch out for your feet, right? This one felt kind of silly while I was doing it, but my neck and feet where both undeniably relaxed afterwards so I can’t complain!  However, it’s not going on my after a run list since it is very focused on just the two areas.

Yoga Therapy for the Feet and Neck with Erica Fritch

It’s been much too long since I did yoga regularly, it is soooo good for everything!  I’m going to start looking a bit harder for a good yoga video on line specifically aimed at barefoot runners, maybe I’ll find something awesome.