Why Tampa Rocks.

I’ve been in the habit of taking walks on all of my breaks at work for years. Once or twice around the building on ten minute breaks, drive to a local park on lunches, anything would do.

I got my new job and though the short walks were around a parking lot there was a nice park and pier both within a 5 minute drive, perfect!

But then…  they move the office.  To downtown Tampa.  Worst, there is a fence keeping you from even walking around the buildings because it’s a conservation area behind the buildings or something. Yay, conservation.  Boo, sitting at  my desk way to much.

I used Google and my GPS to find a nearby park, no go.  Nothing at all anywhere near.  I was truly bummed.  So I started walking up to the 7-11 on the corner and back, just to be outside a bit. FINALLY one day I decided to walk in the opposite direction and guess what I found?  The Upper Tampa Bay trail, a 4 minute walk from work.  Seriously?  No one I work with knew it was there and apparently neither did Google or GPS.  Saved!!!

So here is how I’ve been spending my lunches lately. Now THAT is better!

2013_11_1720131112_123548Why yes, that is a train track the trail goes under.  Cool, yes?20131112_123648If that wasn’t all groovy enough, yesterday I looked out the window and saw this. Good job conservation fence, now I appreciate you!

Alligator at work