Trying Tae Kwon Do

Almost a month ago my older son talked me into trying a Tae Kwon Do class with him. I was reluctant because I hadn’t yet done much of anything besides laying around feeling sick for a couple of months and  because in spite of the evidence to the contrary I am not all that fond of making a fool out of myself in public. He called around anyways and found a place close to the house, and as an added benefit the first two weeks were free. So I figured what the heck, I could go to one class.  How bad could it be?

Well.  First of all I find group classes to be way too intimidating. Second of all three quarters of the class was kids.  So everyone was sitting around waiting for class to begin, then all of the kids (and me) headed to the mat.  I felt like I should give the other parents some sort of explanation, but I’ve learned over the years that me talking only makes things worst so I didn’t bother.

Did I mention that most of the kids have at least a blue belt and I was wearing yoga pants and a running shirt?  Ya.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the end of the week’s classes.  I realized that there actually were a couple of other adults there.   I realized that even if there weren’t tae kwon do is hella fun. I also realized that any excuse to hang out with my 21 year old when he isn’t trying to talk his way out of it is probably a good thing.

After the second week I got a uniform which kind of makes me feel official and kind of makes me feel like a little kid playing dress up.  I just finished my third week, and I am absolutely hooked.

Have you ever tried a martial arts class?   Would you consider taking a class were you were one of the few adults among kids?