Sugar Detox Questions (and the Color Me Rad Winners)

First things first as always,  the winners for the Color Me Rad entries are Lori, Kaili, and Dylan Bukowczyk.  Email me at and I will send you your codes, congrats!

I didn’t post for Meatless Monday this week because honestly I just ran out of time – I haven’t even done my weekend grocery shopping yet and it’s already Tuesday.  Ever have weekends so busy you feel like you need to recover from them?  Ya, next weekend I am doing NOTHING.

But food is on my mind, especially since I read this Tweet Monday morning.

I’ve had the idea of trying a sugar detox for a while, but all of the information about it seems to be Paleo, which I think of as including lots of meat though I know I’ve read that there are vegetarians that follow it.  But it also cuts out the majority of grains.  I don’t see any reason to cut out whole grains because I think they’re healthy if you’re not gluten intolerant, which I’m not. The problem is I know perfectly well that I’m not a food expert so I keep thinking there must be some reason for it, although I couldn’t find anything on Google except for 1 person’s comment on an article (I already forgot which one) that grains eventually break down into sugar.

So I’m curious.  What’s wrong with including whole grains while trying to cut out sugar?  I’d like to try this with my own modified plan in the next few weeks and if there is a reason to eliminate grains then whatever, it’s temporary!  As long as that doesn’t include oatmeal.

Anybody have an opinion on this or know the reason?