Lunch at the Park

I’m not feeling much like writing today, I think some nice relaxing yoga is calling my name, or maybe even just a couch and a book. Sometimes it’s best just to chill.

You hear people say relatively often that we all need to stop and smell the roses. Hmm. I had some awesome rose vines and a miniature rose garden underneath them in Arizona, but here in Florida I’m sticking to a palm tree and a great big basil bush.  Oh well. Sorry, that was that squirrel thing again.

My point was, how often do you take time out of your day just to exist?  Yes, I said your day, not your week and not your month. I’m fortunate to work about 10 minute from 2 great parks, one with alligators (on rare occasions, but I still claim them) and the other with a pier. Almost everyday on my lunch break I drive to one or the other and walk around for about half an hour then drive back to work. Why? Well one, I work at a computer all day thinking too hard for my own good and two, just take a look.  Pictures really are worth a thousand words, even my always slightly crooked pics.

Still Waters

BirdsAndaTree Towers shadows

You don’t need roses and you don’t need a lot of time to take the occasional moment to  just stop.