One Barefoot Mile to Motivation

So, I haven’t run since I wrote No More Excuses.  On the plus side I DID say it would be a couple of weeks before I got into my new schedule.  On the bad side, really? An entire month without running? 

I do have good excuses though. I was out of town for a week and that gave me a reason not to bother running until I got back (2 weeks down). By the time I got back my ulcerative colitis started acting up. Still is actually – you’ll have to trust me – that’ll keep you from wanting to go running by itself. But to be honest I’m not that sick, it’s nothing but an excuse at this point.  

Today is National Running Day.  I don’t know why or even what that means.  However, it sounds impressive!  So I decide that the least I could do was go run 1 slow mile.  So I did. Hmmm, amazing what happens when you try.

My mile wasn’t fast and it wasn’t amazing. Garmin says my pace was a 13:07 mile which is slow enough that I should probably be embarrassed to even say it in public. But I’m not. Because somewhere on the way I found my motivation.  I remembered that I actually like running and that it makes me feel great.

And if that wasn’t enough?

I finished my mile and started walking home thinking I may have to do a mile again tomorrow instead of waiting a day and running further.  I was feeling very good but a still little upset with myself that I hadn’t run in so long and that I wasn’t running 10 miles by now. After all, if I’d been running steady since the first day I ever started running I’d be running ultras by now.

As I was walking home I passed 2 guys who asked me if I was really running barefoot.  Um, yes.  They were tough looking guys but they told me I must be made of steel to be running barefoot.  Um, me?  There isn’t a steel or tough bone in my body.  But it certainly felt good to have some one mistakenly think so! As if I wasn’t motivated enough after running that reminded me that running can be all about perception.  I was embarrassed to only run a mile and these guys thought I was somehow tough for running at all barefoot.

All in all it was a funny, motivating night and I think it was more than enough to get me back on the running wagon.  Too bad I can’t run with a six pack of beer or I’d run it over to that house and celebrate my next mile with them!