New Month, New Year

If you read a lot of blogs (guilty) then you’ll quickly notice that a lot of people set these things called goals, and they do it often.  Like, every month.  When I try that I have a high tendency to set completely impossible goals, or to set a ton of goals that sounds reasonable, until you ad them all up. So I just don’t set them very often.

This month however I think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon, since it is an admirable one. Plus, my birthday was the first so I’m not only starting a new month, I’m starting a new year.

But this time I’m setting nice and easy goals, nothing all crazy like a marathon or 10K (heaven forbid).  So I’m going to try and meet these four goals, and when the month is done I just might set 4 more.

1) By the end of the month I want to be running 3  miles every time I go out.

I usually run about 2, so this really shouldn’t be a stretch but for me a 5K is my breaking point.  Not because I can’t run further, but because every time I get back to running a 5K I lose all sense of motivation and kind of stop running.  Both stupid and weird? Yes.  But nevertheless true every time. This is my main goal so to get myself started I ran a mile three times on the treadmill last night, taking a few minutes between each one to walk around. Easy that way, but still mentally a start!

2) Check my mail at least 3 times a week, then look and see what’s in it.  Don’t ask, I don’t know why I hate to check the mail. I think it feels too grown up or something. Plus, it’s not like I get any letters from people I know.

3) I’m getting myself out on the paddle board at least once this month, it’s ridiculous how long it’s been since last time I went. Plus, I have to have a 100% fun goal.


4) At the end of this month I’m setting a new running goal for next month.  Even if it’s just to keep on keeping on.

So there you go, wish me luck because because while some people have an issue listening to authority figures I have an issue listening to myself.

Do you set short term goals for yourself? Do you tend to keep them?

Best question of all, do you reward yourself if you make your goals?  Maybe I’ll sign up for another mud run if I make all 4 goals, now that’s motivation!