Hidden Dangers of Running Barefoot (Indoors)

If you’ve read my blog much (and you probably haven’t) then you know I’ve been running strictly barefoot for all year, except for mud runs.  Something about climbing a rope net barefoot intimidates me, though at the last one I went to there were a few people who did so maybe I’ll give it a go the next time. (sorry, squirrel)

Anyways, while I mostly run in the neighborhood I also occasionally run in the woods across the way and I have never yet hurt my feet.  Something about knowing I don’t want to step on a snake or bug seems to just make me more aware of where I’m putting my feet.  The funny thing is that I still space out and don’t consciously look where I’m going fairly often – but something subconscious seems to be paying attention because I DO pass freakishly close to the occasional snake, bug or oil spot but always jump over them.

Tonight I ended up running on the treadmill because I hate running outside when it’s not dark and I felt like running early.  As a matter of fact, all day today I couldn’t wait to run tonight.  So, I got started and it was horrible.  My right calf hurt, which it never does. I got really hot really quick, I got tired, I quit at about a mile because my stupid calf was just feeling weirdly not right.

I got off the treadmill and went to the kitchen to make a drink (vodka and grapefruit juice DOES cure all ills you know) and I realized my toe was hurting. Bad.  Why? Because I had a loooong splinter in it.  That I got running inside on a treadmill.  WTF?

Does it ever feel to anyone else like life is a series of jokes?