Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour

The Color Run’s kaleidoscope tour is wrapping up.  The year 2015 will bring a whole new thing.  What thing? I don’t know but I bet it will be great.

The point is, you can still get in on the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour in Clearwater, they will be here December 7th! Truth be told, I already ran in The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour back in January.  But I had so much fun I’m doing it again.  In January I ran with my kids, this year I’m going to do a little more running and a little less fooling around (that last part was a was a lie) and run it with my sister. This is the same sister I talked in to doing a spontaneous mud run with me, I’m thinking we’ll have a blast.

Color at the color run JanThe Color Run is still the only run I’ve ever done that was on actual roads.  It was pretty neat just because it was different.  Yes, I know most races are probably done on streets but not the ones I do.  🙂

So the question of the day is should you run The Color Run too? Well obviously I think so because I only write about things I like.  But do YOU think so?

From the Color Run’s site:

“Less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life, The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. With only two rules, the idea is easy to follow:

  1. Wear white at the starting line
  2. Finish plastered in color!”

To be serious I’d kill for a 10 minute mile, but whatever.  Even if you have never run before in your life you can wear white and get plastered in color by the end of this run, trust me.  I’ve seen people walk the entire race with a double stroller and I’ve seen people actually race this thing but what I haven’t seen is someone not having a good time at The Color Run.  Oh ya, and I also saw a unicorn guy.  No, I’m not explaining that one.

So, if you are in Tampa come on out and run with me, if you are not in Tampa check out their site to see if The Color Run 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour will be coming your way.  Here is where you can see if they are coming to you and sign up if you’d like.

Don’t tell me this doesn’t look fun!  Come out and play…


Also, check out this DIY t-shirt weaving tutorial they have on their blog. I didn’t even know The Color Run had a blog, there is some pretty cool stuff over there.

Disclosure: I have received two free race entries in exchange for posting about The Color Run. As is the usual all opinions are my own.

Oh, I almost forgot. You can use promo code COLOR5OFF to get $5 off a registration to ANY city. Important: code must be entered at time of registration, cannot be retro-applied. Also please type the code in, do not copy/paste. Not valid with other discounts or promotions.



The Color Run Is About to Hit Tampa!

In November I mentioned that I’m running The Color Run with my kids this year.  Only a few days left!

My son was excited, then decided he didn’t like running, then became excited all over again and not only is running with me outside, he also is running on the treadmill some nights.  I couldn’t be happier about how this is motivating him and his sister to take up running.  It must really be the happiest 5K on the planet, since I’m already happy!

This year The Color Run is going all Kaleidoscope-al.

ColorRunWhat does that even mean you say?  Well.

Every registered Color Runners get an official The Color Run Race Kit including:

  • A custom t-shirt
  • Tricolor headband
  • Amazing shoulder sling bag
  • Tattoos
  • and more! (I always like and mores)

That’s super groovy and all, but what about the race course you ask. Well.

  • Epic Finish Festival
  • Unique Kaleidoscope attractions on the course
  • Incredible photo opps
  • Awesome Kaleidoscope fun at the finish festival!

They used the words epic and awesome and I thought I was the only one who ever did so I’m kinda impressed just because of that.  🙂

Anyways, my Children of the Corn are running it and I think you and yours should too!  When you sign up don’t forget to use the code Color5Off when you register (it can’t be applied later) for a $5 discount to sign up for a run in any city and if you sign up as part of a team of 4 or more you get an additional $5 off per person. This code is not valid on flash city sales.


Need a little more incentive to join us?  How about a chance to win a free entry? Just leave me a comment below letting me know what city you’d run in and you’ll be entered, the winner will be chose at random Monday and announced here on the blog next Tuesday.

Have you ever run a 5K?  If you have kids do they ever run with you?

Disclosure: I have received a race entry in exchange for posting about The Color Run.

My Kids First 5k – The Color Run!

My youngest son has been toying with the idea of running  for a while, probably since he started middle school last year.  He runs on the track in gym and periodically he just gets the bug and wants to run with me. Although this urge to run keeps coming back it never lasts long, and that’s partly my fault for not encouraging him as much as I should.

Last year I told the kids we’d probably do The Color Run but it was in December and with the holidays and all we just never did it.  This year?

1452385_574677142586335_693843957_nThis year The Color Run is going to hit Clearwater January 26th, totally do-able!  Even my (also middle school) daughter who has little if any interest in running is excited about running this one.  I’m going to do my best to convince them both that they want to start the Couch to 5K soon to get ready for it.  But if they don’t it doesn’t matter a bit, this run is all about having fun.  Which of course is the best reason to do anything.

“We call The Color Run the ‘happiest 5K on the planet’ because our events bring together friends and family in a unique, healthy, and fun environment,” said Travis Snyder, founder of The Color Run. “Our only rules are that people wear white and prepare to be covered in color at the finish!”

I can get behind that! Except for I don’t actually own anything white due to spaghetti sauce and salsa, so I’ll have to rectify that.

Do you want in? Um, they say it’s the happiest 5K on the planet, of course you do!  On top of all the fun you also get t-shirt, headband, tattoo, and a color packet when you go to pick up your race bib.You can use the code Color5Off for a $5 discount to sign up for a run in any city and if you sign up as part of a team of 4 or more you get an additional $5 off per person. Sweet!  Just don’t forget to use the code when you register, they won’t apply it after the fact.

TCR_save5 (1)Another cool thing is kids 5 and under get to participate for free!  Of course they don’t get the swag but who cares? If they need the t-shirt you can get them one here!  I have a 4 year old nephew who’s favorite thing in the world (besides fighting monsters of course) is racing people around the neighborhood. I am hoping he can come with me, he’d have a blast!  Just don’t forget that 5k = 3.1 miles so if you bring a wee one be prepared to get an extra arm workout if you need to do some carrying!

You can check out The Color Run’s site for more information and to sign up.

Disclosure: I have received two free race entries in exchange for posting about The Color Run.