Florida Winter Blues

Here in Florida it’s currently 50 degrees out. It’s windy and my heater is broken. So sad, I know. I’d feel a lot worst for myself (and the other Foridians) if when I am working I wasn’t so often talking to people in negative degree temperatures, ice storms, and weather bad enough that they had to close the office.

But rest assured, I still feel bad for me. I haven’t been paddleboarding in weeks, and as windy as it is that’s not going to happen for a while even with a wet suit. So I decided to live vicariously through other’s Instagram pictures and share a couple of my favorite pictures I came across today.

I lived in Arizona for the vast majority of my life, but never saw the Grand Canyon or anything quite like this. It looks pretty amazing!

I finally went and saw the new Star Wars movie last weekend! But no words necessary for this pic. πŸ™‚

How terrifying and awesome would this be? I would LOVE to have been there.

Paddle boarding into the sunset @joe_kennard #Thailand #sunset #paddleboarding #travel #kohtao #Beach #LivingInTheOcean

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This one I love because it is just everyday paddleboarding – it could have been taking here or anywhere on the water. Kind of magical, don’t you think?