Overwhelmed – food choices

I don’t seem to be able to get back into running OR writing ever since I stopped when I was sick.  It’s not because I don’t have time or anything logical like that, I just got out of the habit and haven’t got back in yet.  To help me get back in the habit of writing (since I do, after all, enjoy it!) I joined a Writing 101 class.  It’s not exactly a class, but that’s a close enough description for me.

The first assignment?  Just to write freely for 20 minutes.   And then post it. I am taking the fact that it is an assignment as an excuse to simply write for 20 minutes without worrying about wrapping up the subject, giving an  answer to the problem, or looking for a picture to go with it. One neat thing about this assignment is that when I was done I had all kinds of other things that I wanted to write about.  I do believe this class may work to get me back into writing!

So here is assignment 1, free writing.  It’s kind of funny because writing the first paragraph I wasn’t even planning to write about food.  🙂



Am I the only one who sometimes looks around and feels overwhelmed by everything there is to do and everything there is to accomplish? I want to do so many things, but I just don’t. I’d like to say there isn’t enough time, and there really isn’t sometimes but most of the time I simply don’t know how to get started or after I have started I don’t know what to do next.

One of my big challenges right now is eating right, and making certain that my kids start eating better. One big challenge is that the boys and I have tae kwon do classes three or four nights a week and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking dinner, especially since we don’t want to eat right before we leave for class. Running around with a just filled stomach is not the most fun thing ever.

I know that prepping food on the weekends, planning easy things like sandwiches, and using the crockpot all would help. Knowing this and doing it are two very different things! Of course it doesn’t help that my kids see any food that’s not what they usually eat as something to run from. Frozen pizza, burritos, or chicken nuggets are their idea of the perfect dinner. It should be as easy as not buying the things I don’t want them to eat and I do that often enough, but then there’s the little part where I have to supply healthy food as an alternative. Curses!

One thing I never learned at home was how to cook. My mom always did a meat, a veggy and a starch and we always sat at the table together and ate. But us kids had nothing to do with the actual cooking. I think the most I ever did in the kitchen was make kool aid. Of course it didn’t help that I became a vegetarian and moved out when I was 17, I didn’t even know what vegetarians where supposed to eat let alone how to cook whatever it was.

I bought the book Lauren’s Kitchen and started making my own breads, sprouting, and all the interesting things that were in the book. Not bad for someone who was known for burning water. But then I had kids, and baking bread and sprouting was replaced with walking around and around the house or neighborhood with a colicky baby, reading stores, taking day trips to the library for story time, all the things that moms of little ones find consuming all of their time. Food was the last thing on my mind, I ate at work or grabbed a cheese sandwich, whatever was quick and easy.

All of that seemed fine and good and I really didn’t worry about what I was feeding myself or my family much. But with the advent of social media a person really can’t ignore or say they didn’t know about just how bad some of the food is that we eat every day. Chemicals in the food, hormones in the dairy and meat, and now GMOs to worry about. How is a person not to be overwhelmed?

8 thoughts on “Overwhelmed – food choices

  1. Kinda,
    Good question, how not to be overwhelmed? My advice, do what is most important first. Not to be a know it all, but Clean clothes and dinner was #1 on my list when I raised my kids. First thing in the morning I took something from freezer for dinner and put in the wash.

  2. It is very overwhelming but remember that this is a journey. Set yourself up for success by making little changes here and there. Skinnytaste.com and dashingdish.com are two of my go-to websites for food because they remake comfort foods into healthy versions of themselves. I haven’t had one recipe disappoint me yet.

  3. It’s definitely overwhelming, and understandably so, but new habits take a while to form, and you’re definitely on the right track! 😀 I like trying to break things down into little steps when I’m feeling overwhelmed (so things don’t seem quite so daunting). Growing up, I never really learned how to cook either (I started that in my 2nd year of undergrad), but I love it now. 😀 budgetbytes.com is one of the sites I like to go to to find cheap, filling recipes that I attempt to make healthier! :]

    • Thanks for the web site, I’m going to be busy reading this weekend for certain! I keep saying I’m going to start with little steps but then I don’t. I think this weekend I’ll prep healthy breakfasts for next week and leave it t that- just one thing for the week instead of jumping in to the deep end like I usually do. I’m finally figuring out that never works for me. 🙂

  4. Completely understand being overwhelmed.

    I spoke to a PT at my local gym & was having a moan about how despite a massive increase in training my weight loss is super slow – what happened next completely boggled my brain. He talked about macronutrients, lac something or other, supplements etc etc for 2 hours – I was confused.com. The one thing that I did understand was eat little & often & to consider things like rice with beans, with broccoli. I’m also a veggie & somedays I envy the carnivores who can just pick up a bacon/sausage sarnie.

    I find that I have a lot of starch (its kinda my meat) & am trying to cut back so am introducing foods like polenta & couscous – usually with roasted vegetables & some feta with the couscous. I’ve read a fair bit about healthy eating & annoyingly you can read how great something is in one article & then read how bad it is in another. At the end of the day it is genuinely about moderation, eating your greens & having a little of the naughty stuff once in a blue moon. My motto – if in doubt make a soup, there’s nothing wrong with soup! Good luck 🙂

    • I’ve been wanting to try polenta – but then they say most of the corn now is GMO which just doesn’t seem like a good thing at all to me… I have to get better at this gardening thing so I can just grow my own!! 🙂

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