10K Update 3 – My Biggest Running Nerd Moment to Date

My last update I fessed up and said I had skipped a week’s running and was therefore going to do a ‘do-over’ week.  This week I didn’t do much better and started to plan on re-doing the week again, but with more running.  Then I decided forget that, time to move on, excuses are starting to stack up around here again…

Sunday night out of nowhere motivation hit and I decided that I would just run my 4 miles and move on to the next week.  Never mind that I hadn’t run hardly at all in two weeks and I’ve never run that far without taking walk breaks. That’s all good and determined and all that other good stuff.  It’s how I got it done that made this my nerdiest run ever.

First, I dropped the air conditioning 4 degrees.  I made myself an ice cold water with Endurolytes Fizz in it, which I had never tried before because seriously, it’s not like I”m running all that far. (It was grapefruit and delicious)  I put Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix and proceeded to run my miles while watching it.

Heck ya it worked!  Between the motivating movie and the fact that I wasn’t dying of the heat I not only ran the miles but could have ran more.  I think that it was the iced drink more than the air conditioner that helped with the heat, I don’t usually drink anything at all when I am running but I have of course run in the cold.

So cha-ching, on to the next week and I’m only 1 week behind from my original plan.

Do you ever use any jedi-mind tricks on yourself to get things done?  Whatever works, right? Right??

19 thoughts on “10K Update 3 – My Biggest Running Nerd Moment to Date

  1. Oh, yeah. I cycle and when I am pedaling up a big hill, I visualize myself passing tons of women half my age. I actually passed a high school student last night and felt like a total stud-ette! Funny story – thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I’m not a runner, ut I do have to use motivational techniques to get everything done that I need to do in my busy days. My most productive time is in the morning before my husband gets up. If I can sit down and focus, I can accomplish much in the quiet of the house. Good luck in reaching your goals!

  3. I’m going to try that Netflix the next time I go run. I usually put on some really hardcore hip hop and believe it or not it gets me through my hard workouts. Or I listen to club music. I guess the beat pumps me up enough to rock all the way through it.

  4. I am glad you took that moment of motivation! I have long been a non-athletic person, but I recently started taking yoga and zumba classes with a friend. I feel so good to be moving! Good luck 🙂

  5. Setting things up the way you like can certainly motivate you as you showed. I make an awful mess when I’m working at my desk, which I don’t mind, but I have to start out neat and tidy. If I don’t I just focus on the mess instead of what I’m doing.
    Enjoy your writing style.

  6. I seldom put things off but when I feel tempted I promise myself a reward afterwards and that usually gets it done. Music during a chore always helps. I haven’t tried film but maybe I will !

  7. LOL! Jedi trick indeed…. I rarely procrastinate and my Jedi trick is good old fashioned guilt. I guilt trip myself into it. Glad the cold drink helped! And happy that you are back on track!

  8. well, i don’t know about jedi mind tricks. but i do know the best thing is to just go a head and do today’s work and don’t worry about yesterday or if you are still on schedule. like today you could do even better than your usual tomorrow. but i will caution you about doing any exercise without hydrating. Most people don’t think they need it when working out indoors in the air conditioning, but you do and you should get in the habit as drinking plenty of water is a good one to have. good luck with the schedule, max

  9. I try not to freak out when I miss a day on something. Now I just say to myself progress not perfection and try again the next day. I actually do better when I don’t put myself under intense pressure. Keep up the Good work! 🙂

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