ElectroDash 5K

Yin and Yang – very loosely defined it is about two opposites that cannot exist without the other. If you want to take it about a million times looser, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

What does that have to do with anything? Nothing maybe.  BUT. The other day I mentioned that I’ve decided to get ready for a Spartan Race.  That’s going to require some hard work and dedication to do it right.  But hard work and dedication can get to be a drag, so how about some really fun races on the way?  How about a cross between a run and a dance party?  OK, I don’t like dancing but still.

How about an ElectroDash 5K?  Even the name is fun to say, I’m in.  From their web site:

“Every corner of the run is another party. You’ll run, walk, or dance 3.1 miles through stations of insane light shows, photobooths, neon madness, and electro lasers right up until the finish: the biggest party of all. So bring your camera and put your party hat on; it’s time to rage.”

Here’s the map they published of the Tampa run.  Do you see that they have glowing trees and floating jellyfish? Exactly. You want to go to.  Find out if they have a run with floating  jellyfish where you are! Then sign up to run, you can get 15% with the code KINDAZENNISH15.


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