Week 3!

I did W3D1 this morning (though before 5 a.m. should still count as the middle of the night). Week three is 2 ninety second runs and 2 three minute runs. I thought the three minute runs would be hard, but they weren’t too bad. I do think that I’ll have to create my own mp3s with music I like for when the runs get longer though. Three minutes gives you plenty of time to notice if you’re listening to music you don’t really like.

I can’t believe I’m starting my third week and I haven’t hurt anything yet. I did about have a heart attack this morning though -a man was walking his VERY huge husky and it lunged at me as they went by. I think it was an I want to play lunge, and I saw the dog long before that, but I still jumped about a mile. That’s OK, a good laugh that early in the morning is well worth it.