Massacre Falls Trail

Massacre Falls Trail is about 5 and a half miles out and back with a waterfall as the turnaround point. Mind you, this is an Arizona waterfall in the desert, so if you want to see water actually flowing you have to go after a good rain, or maybe after a lot of snow up north? When we hiked it there was a bit of water, but not as much as I’ve seen in some pictures. Either way, it’s well worth the hike.

The mile or two of road before the trailhead is dirt, not bad but I wouldn’t want to drive it after a good rain. Depending on what you are driving of course. We had intended to do this hike the week before, but the parking area was full and there were a couple of rangers there directing people (it was SO busy) who suggested we go a couple more miles down the road to a different trailhead. This time we got there silly early. Being in Arizona while working on Eastern time does have some advantages.

The walk up the fall is beautiful. I was lucky enough to do it in March ’23, during what read is a super bloom. The desert is much greener and full of flowers than normal!

fields of purple flowers

This trail is pretty moderate most of the way, but there are a couple of parts where you have to watch your step to avoid a fall due to gravelly slopes. There were a few places where we would have lost the trail if we had not downloaded the All Trails map, or if there hadn’t been plenty of people there to tell us where the trail was.

When you get to the waterfall there is a nice secluded feeling (with a bunch of other people) area to sit and rest or have a snack before heading back. Even if the waterfall wasn’t flowing at all this trail is well worth the hike. Check out this view!