Jumping in with Both Feet

About a week and a half ago I heard the same commercial for running the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon Course with Team Challenge to raise funds for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation 4 times in one day. The last time I heard it as I was pulling into my neighborhood, so I still remembered the website when I got in the house. I took a look at the site, decided what the heck (doesn’t that sound decisive?) and signed up.

It seems like a perfect fit – I have ulcerative colitis and I’ve always wanted to be able to run. The downside is that I don’t actually run at all. Yes, I do mean AT ALL. Every time I try to run I get about 5 steps and either my knees hurt too bad for me to do more than hobble back up the driveway or else it’s my shins – either way there is a whole lot of limping and looking pathetic involved. Oh yeah, and the closest thing I’ve every come to fundraising was selling Girl Scout cookies when I was about 9.

I decided this time will be different (again). I went to Feet First in St. Pete’s and got fitted for real running shoes. It took about 5 minute and I got three choices of shoes- two of which didn’t quite feel right and one which did. Then I found a mp3 to listen to on my phone to help me follow the Couch to 5k running plan . Then, I set myself some goals

My first goal is to raise $3,500 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Please help me obtain this goal by donating on my fundraising page and by passing on this information to anyone who may be interested in helping out.

My second goal is to finish the marathon within the time limit- and that is all. I won’t have a goal of how much of that will be running until I get a lot closer to June!

I finished my first week of the Couch to 5k plan Sunday. The first day was kind of horrible-I didn’t even do all 8 one minute runs. In my defense I wasn’t sure it was ever going to actually end. The third run wasn’t bad at all. I ended up doing a fourth run (against the program rules) Sunday, and it was actually easy. So far the plan and the shoes work!

Tomorrow starts week two, which means a slightly longer time running and less time walking. Wish me luck!