My biggest enemy is the pull-up. I have never been able to do a single one. Not even one. Aren’t grade school kids doing them in gym? I remember they were one of the things we were graded on right up there with sit ups and girl pushups.

I even went so far as to buy a pull up bar and put it up like 2 years ago. Every once in a while I’ll give it a try for a few days in a row. Apparently stupid consistency is the key to EVERYTHING. I hate consistency. I can follow a plan for a few days, sometimes even for a whole week, but then I get bored and distracted by something else shiny and it’s all over. Anyone reading this could clearly see that if, you know, I had been consistently blogging since I started this.

Anyway, I decided to give them another go and this time I’m going with jumping pull-ups to get there. I read somewhere they are a great place to start, even if you have to start jumping from a pretty high box to get up there. Which I do. I knew that milk crate would come in handy someday.

So here’s this afternoon’s workout, which I intend to alternate with yesterdays for a while. I’m not giving myself the option of falling off the actually-getting-ready-for-the-obstacle-course wagon but I am always ready to trade these workouts for something else that looks shinier at the time. Like yesterday I ran through the whole thing twice.

• Squats: Reps 10 (8# each hand)
• Concentration Curl: Reps 8 (8#)
• Shoulder Shrugs: Reps 8 (8#)
• Hammer Curls: Reps 8 (8#)
• Standing Calf Raise: Reps 10 (8#)
• Curl: Reps 10 (8# each hand)
• Leg Curl: Reps 8 (30# each side)
• 17″ Step Up: Reps 10
• DB Dead lift Reps 10 (8# each side)
• Regular Grip Pull downs: Reps 10 (40#)
• Hyperextension: Reps 12
• Reverse Grip Pull downs: Reps 12 (40#)
• Cable Seated Row: Reps 12 (50# each side)
• 10 jumping pull-ups

And since the whole point of all this is supposed to be getting better at running I went for a run tonight. It was supposed to be long run night, but I only did 2.31 miles, 11’58”/mile. I had worked my way up to 3.5 last month, but just wasn’t getting there tonight. Once again, consistency would sooo pay off. I think it is about time to set some goals.

Oh yeah, and I saw FOUR snakes today, 3 in a row on a little foot bridge at the park (one swam off, so must have been a water moccasin?) and the fourth I came about 2 inches from stepping on when running. As you can imagine I kept my eyes down and jumped over every oil stain after that.

Maybe I can blame my lack of milage on all that jumping?