Couch to 5K on Steriods

Ever promise to do something without actually thinking about what it would actually entail? Me too!  I’m just guessing everyone has because it makes me feel better about me.

Unfortunately I believe that people who don’t keep their word are horrible, horrible people (unless they’re saying they won’t cheat at pool) so here I am.

I told my mom and my younger two that if they did the Couch to 5k I’d do it with them.  Sounds reasonable, right? But how do I keep up MY running if I’m also running with them? Granted I’m nothing like a serious runner anyways, but still.  I like to keep up my inflated view of my being a runner and running 1 minute at a time just doesn’t fit the bill.


c25k (Photo credit: jbj)

So I figured out a way for it to benefit all of us.   I run/walk with them but during the run I set my metronome to 180 and keep up with it while lifting my knees up to as close to waist high as I can and guess what?  The end of that one minute can’t come soon enough. This week it’s thrown my off my schedule but starting the next run I’ll  run by myself afterwards just to make sure I’m keeping up the couple of miles I usually run.

I’m not sure how this is going to work as they move through the program but I’m sure it’ll be interesting and I’m sure I’m not going to be the one to say no!  Maybe this is the kick I need to finally start running further than a 5K? Only time will tell….

Did you start running with the Couch to 5K? Have you ever tried to influence others to get up and start running (or doing something else fun off the couch)?