The Natural World

I think that nature is healing. Think about it, when you are in a house full of sick people don’t you feel the need to open up the house and let the fresh breeze come through?

Of course, when nature is in the form of a shark following you it doesn’t see quite so healing but everything has it’s down sides.  And it does make a pretty neat story.

The photo prompt today was ‘the natural world’. That’s one I can get pretty easily! This is a picture that I actually took with the prompt ‘connect’ in mind because of the way that 4 different plants are all intertwined. I like the way the dry moss frames the other plants.

FramedI want to share a second picture that illustrates the natural world in an equally honest way these days.  Nature and us humans (I know we are animals but I can’t quite bring myself to label much of what we do as part of the natural world) have become intertwined on a daily basis.

Sandhill CranesI passed these two while driving out of my neighborhood.  I took the picture out the window of my car.  These birds are incredibly cool, and here in this neck of the woods they are seen pretty often.  A couple live in both Publix parking lots that I shop at.  They must like the relatively clear space because I only ever see them in parking lots and neighborhoods – never in the woods or non-humanized places around here.

See why I love Florida?  It’s a wee bit like living in a zoo. We’ve also spotted wild boars, 2 bear cubs, and a wildcat or two while driving. And of course tons of armadillos and possums when running at night. Oh, and sometimes bunnies which always makes me smile.  You never outgrow getting excited when you see a wild rabbit do you?

Cross your fingers for me that I never run into a boar while running, I’d probably have a heart attack even if it saw me and ran the other way.

What creatures do you find in your neighborhood?