I decided to try something completely different for me for this post.  That was supposed to be the point of this month, right?  I prefer to take pictures of non-human animals and of places and things but today I had my daughter (an actual person!) pose for my pictures.  The prompt today was solitude.  As my daughter COULD be mistaken for the girl from The Ring she was perfect.

As usual I couldn’t pick out my favorite picture but instead of creating a collage of my choices I though I would just post them individually and ask you to let me know which one you like best for the prompt ‘solitude’.

Sitting  The RingWalkingYou can see that they are all 3 really the same picture, it’ just a slight style difference.  You can also see that they are taken with a cell phone camera and that I haven’t had it long enough to figure out the settings.  🙂 We were asked to use the ‘rule of three’ when framing the shots, which is why I tried the different angles of the same shot. Ignoring the quality of the photo, what do you think?