Perfect Sunday Stroll

I took the dogs for a walk over at Starkey this morning, the weather could not be better today.  The mutts had such an exciting time they were more riled up for a while after the walk than before it – talk about a back fire. But they are mellowed out now, yay 5 minutes of peace!

For the first time in memory we were able to get over the little walking bridge, lately it’s always washed sideways.  That gave us two options, the road or the bridge. I chose neither since the dogs have to walk in tandem, but they headed over the bridge without a problem. Yes, the picture on the right is the road!

ChoicesThe mutts were happy because we passed about 10 other dogs and a couple of horses.  Not to mention the fact that we heard something big right off the path in the bushes (maybe a squirrel, maybe a mountain lion, who can say?).  If that wasn’t enough while we were walking on the narrow path back a bird ran right under their noses from one side of the path to the other flapping it’s wings and squawking like crazy.  I’m pretty certain the dogs thought it was the BEST walk ever.

I had fun too, if they care.  Florida can definitely have a zen like beauty!

Sunday Strolling at Starkey