It’s Monday. Enough said.

Today was one of THOSE Mondays.  I drove to the park on my lunch break, walked a very wee bit, and the sky opened up and started dropping huge rain drops on me.  Whatever, no big deal.  So I went back to work and someone had cleaned out the fridge on a Monday at 12:10 and threw away everything.  Like my lunch.

Really? Who does that? And it wasn’t even done out of spite it was just a didn’t-think-that-through-it must-be-a-Monday thing so I couldn’t even get mad.

No need for re-living the entire day but sufficient to say I came home in need of some pizza, a drink, and a laugh. which I got from Twitter, and figured I’d share with you in case you not only need a laugh, but also share my sense of humor.  If not, sorry.  🙁

This sounds like being a vegetarian is as groovy as playing Minecraft! (although if Minecraft has levels I’m doing it wrong)

No reason

How is this not funny? and sad, but also funny..

And I have to add this one because it’s why I change my passwords weekly.

You’re welcome. And now, since I didn’t sleep last night because someone with the wrong number kept thinking maybe THIS TIME it will be the right number until I unplugged my phone, I am going to read and to sleep.

Here’s to tomorrow being a wide awake, eating whatever lunch I bring, not getting rained on to much, happy and joyfull kind of day.