Bliss – It Kind of Depends on the Moment…

The photo prompt today was bliss.  What’s bliss? Happiness and joy and all that sort of thing.

I can think of lots of images to represent bliss. Everything from a dog let outside the first time coming home from the shelter, to pictures of family, to images not so appropriate for my blog.  But as I was trying to think of what to take a photo of while driving in to work this morning really all I could think of was why on earth was traffic moving so slow all morning and how was it possible that I sat at the same light 3 times? I should have been to work early and now if I sat here long enough I was going to be late.

And then I saw this. BLISS.

Green Light

Green means GO!

Funny how a word can mean different things at different times.  What’s your interpretation of bliss?