Sparring the Kids

I STILL have not got back to running.  My official plan of the moment is to start again next week.  I miss running, I just haven’t gotten back into that particular groove.  It’s definitely about time though!

I am still doing Tae Kwon Do three nights a week, and guess what?  As of this week it is four nights a week because I have finally gotten up the guts to go on the night that they spar.  As in get all dolled up in a big thick vest thing, arm and shin guards, and a padded helmet thing and fight.  I can’t even convey to you how attractive this get up is.  Really. The best part?  Both of my sons are there.  Can you say IT’S ON?

Sparring is actually hella-fun.  I’m not exactly an intimidating opponent though, for more than one reason.

Mostly, I have been in very few situations where I did not find a reason to laugh.  Lots and lots of times I am the only one laughing but that hardly helps. But seriously, the first person I was against was like 2 feet shorter than my 5’2″ and maybe 10?  That does not for a second mean that he did not have more experience and knowledge about this than I.  We switched down the line so after each minute of sparring we fought a different person.

Which means I sparred with both of my sons.  There aren’t many moments in life when kicking your child is a sign of being a good parent, and as a matter of fact this may be the ONLY one.  We all agreed we are so going every Wednesday from now on!  🙂

Not to go all squirrel on you but while we’re talking about crazy fun things to do with your kids, check out this post about taking your kids to try flying trapeze school!  I am so jealous.

The second reason I was less than intimidating is this is the first time I’ve been in class when we weren’t told what kick or block or whatever to do, you’re just supposed to go for it.  Mind you I don’t even like doing yoga without a video to guide me most of the time. It was an eye opener to actually have to think of what I should do next instead of being told.

My third reason was just plain weird.  No matter what side someone kicked me on I blocked it with my left arm.  I’m not even left handed so I don’t know where that came from.  But I do know that I will be going into my nice business attire  office job tomorrow with two bruised knuckles and a big bruise on my wrist from blocking right kicks with my left arm (hand). I fear my left hand is going to look like I got in a real fight by morning. Guess what I’ll be concentrating on for the next several classes?

Have you ever taken a class with your kids or do you share a hobby with them?  This is the first time I’ve had two of my three interested in the same thing for more than a week, so I’m pretty thrilled.  Now if I could just figure a way to bribe my daughter to try it. There is nothing like trying to convince a 15 year old girl to try something that wasn’t her idea!   Any ideas?