Recommended Read – John Dies at the End

OK, so I said I was a huge fan of books.  What I forgot to mention is I’m a huge fan of science fiction and horror books, and then other stuff.  In my opinion unless the bad guy in a horror story is a human it’s kind of science fiction too.

So my second recommended read is the complete opposite of the first, sorry if you were looking for consistency here of all places. I was handed this book by my sister, whose husband had been reading it.  I asked why there was a bookmark after about the first chapter and she said he didn’t finish it because it was kind of weird. If talked to my brother-in-law for about 90 seconds you would be wondering how that could happen too.

John Dies at the End

Remember Pink Floyd’s the Wall? Bits of it anyways? This book has the same what did he just say – what did I just see? feel to it.  But in this case the fate of the world is in question.

The book begins with such a good riddle that I picked up my phone and started to call my boyfriend to tell him about it then realized it was about midnight so the call might not be appreciated.

The story is filled with just some of the knowledge that you gain after partaking in a fun new drug called soy sauce.  It’s all you need to see the other side.  What’s on the other side you ask?  Just pretty girls bursting into snakes, screechy (not normal screechy) insects, and of course the infamous meat monster.

But that’s not all! You also get the chance to run from the cops (who may be the good guys, hard to tell sometimes) walk into certain death more than once, and if you’re lucky live to fight another day.

John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing about this that will make you either love or hate the story – it’s high energy don’t stop for a minute something is always going on; it’s you really have to pay attention or you’ll miss something, and it’s you really can’t take this seriously at all, all at the same time. If you like that AND you like insanity (kind of the same thing, I know) then go read this book now. If you don’t then, um, you could go either way.

Basically there were a LOT of parts in the story that literally made me laugh out loud, and plenty that were truly creepy. The two coexist pretty comfortably in this book.

If you decide to read this and then decide

you haven’t had enough, good news!  The movie is on Netflix and the website which spawned this tale is right here. You’re welcome.