A Whole Mile Barefoot!

I had a pretty great weekend, and I’m finally feeling like I may be able to start running again. Taking it easy and not setting goals so I don’t over do things is a great idea, but it’s also a lot harder than it sounds. I want a goal!  But at the moment I’m still trying to keep with taking it easy since I do still have a minimal amount of pain in my hip after a run.  But it’s minimal!

Saturday I went for a hike on the trails around the lake near my house, it was almost an hour of barefoot hiking and it was pretty fun.  I went with a bunch of family.  I’m pretty sure they were just spiting me when they announced they had lost the trail and just cut through the woods.  Evil? I think so.

Sunday I went for my first mile run in the neighborhood.  It felt great to finally do a run that was actually measurable.  Granted it was only a mile, but it works for me.  So for this week my goal is to run a mile every other night.  I’ve heard so much about how people over do barefoot running and get stress fractures that I’m a little paranoid to add much distance at a time, and really a mile is a huge jump in itself.

I used to run with my iPod, setting a distance goal and agonizing over how slow I run.  I actually lost said iPod, so I am being forced to ignore all of that and it’s actually pretty fun!  So far I don’t miss the music but I probably will get something to replace it. I’d especially like to try the music apps to help with cadence.

I’d really like a GPS so I can go running or hiking on the trails without worrying about getting lost that also tracks pace and plays music.  Oh, and I also want it to be cheep. So far I haven’t even seen a GPS that plays music but who knows maybe I’ll find the perfect gadget if I keep looking…

Any suggestions?