Just a 2 Mile Run

I went on my planned 2 mile run last night. I had originally planned on doing something akin to fartleks but instead of concentrating on speed for short bursts I was going to concentrate on raising my cadence for short bursts. Instead I set my metronome app on 170 and just tried to keep up most of the way.

Before I set out I asked at Barefoot Beginner group for some tips and they gave me a great one – don’t try and touch your feet to the ground with each beat, try and lift your foot with each beat. It sound trivial but it really made a difference.

I can’t say that a switch went off and I suddenly figured out how to do it right, but the more I ran the easier it seemed, I think with practice I can actually get this.  I had a lot of fun speeding up and slowing down while trying to keep my cadence right at 170.  I have to admit it was still much more tiring than just running without thinking about it, but I do believe I’m going to get this.

Now to go completely random on you please tell me what you see in this picture.  I took it out my window at work through the screen.  HINT: IT’S A TURTLE and it’s dead center. None of my kids see it.  Please be on my side on this one.