Tampa Spring Beer Fling 2015

I mentioned that I was going to the Spring Beer Fling last month, then never got around to telling you about it.  Why, you may ask?  Well because I was super happy with some of the cool pictures I took, then I dropped my cell phone (aka my camera) into the toilet.  Happily, it was freshly cleaned and shiny. Unhappily, my phone didn’t care about my wonderful cleaning habits. Here’s a thing I found out: turn your phone off IMMEDIATELY if it gets wet.  Because otherwise things get fried, to put it scientifically. Even alcohol and organic rice will not save it.

Anyways, coming back from another squirrel moment…

The Spring Beer Fling was A LOT of fun. I didn’t get to try all of the different drinks I would have liked to because of that thing were I had to wake up eventually but I did try Light My Fire which was as amazing as expected. A mixed drink with Angry Orchard and Fireball? Like that could be not awesome. Also the Arnold Palmer Remix with Sam Adams Cold Snap, lemonade, and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka. ‘Cuz vodka. I did not try a single Beerlini Puree which is a sad, sad thing but I was a too little distracted to remember everything.

The bands were a lot of fun. And guess what? My partner in crime did not destroy his phone so I actually have a couple of pictures. You have to love The University of Tampa in the background. As a matter of fact I was so loving it we walked across the river to check out the buildings.  If you get a chance, walk through them, they are pretty amazing. I’d show you, but you know, the phone incident.

Attach8That’s another great thing about the Beer Fling.  We got bracelets at the door (paper, not like, jewels or anything) and we could leave and come back as we wanted.  Since the Fling was from noon to 10pm that made it pretty cool. There are a LOT of things to walk around and look at around Curtis Hixon Park.

If you missed it you can’t go to the Spring Beer Fling again until next spring, of course.  However, Big City Events, who put this on, has several other events every year, and they seem to add new ones all the time. So check out all of their coming events, and maybe I’ll run into you at one of them. Not that either of us would know that, but still.

I received two VIP tickets to Spring Beer Fling 2015 in exchange for writing a review and a giveaway. As always, my opinions are all mine.

Spring Beer Fling 2015

I am super excited, next weekend is the Spring Beer Fling in Tampa.  I went last year and had a really good time.

This year they’ll have (once again) a bunch of bands that sound like they’ll be a lot of fun.  The headliner is the Black Lips. Check them out:

Sounds like summer and a good time to me!

Jensen Surf Company is going to be there too. This clip outta get you in the proper mood for the Spring Beer Fling:

The Spring Beer Fling Will feature 12 signature beer cocktails, fresh made shandys, and beer-linis.

I didn’t actually know what some of those are, turns out a shandy is your choice of beer mixed with lemonade.  Sounds like the definition of a refreshing spring drink! The beerlinis are beer mixed with fruit puree. So, basically I’m pretty sure it counts as a health drink, seeing how the word fruit is in it. Yay! They even include Angry Orchard Cider as a beer for those of us like myself that are less beer inclined. Not that I won’t be sampling some of them!

They’ll have lots of mixed beer drinks too. The ones I really want to try are Light My Fire which is a combination of Angry Orchard Cider, Fireball Whiskey and peach puree, the Arnold Palmer Remix which is Sam Adams Cold Snap, Lemonade and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea vodka and The Screw Brew which is Wheat Beer, Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka, orange juice. I just want to try that last one because I like the name. 🙂

The festival will be at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in downtown Tampa on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 from noon to 10pm. Enter at the main entrance of the festival will be on Ashley Dr, closest to the Sykes Beer Can Building.

Ticket prices:

General Admission: Advance $14 | Door $25 (if available)
VIP Fling Experience: Advance $75 | Door $125 (if available)
For more information, visit http://www.SpringBeerFling.com

I was given the opportunity to give away not just one but 5 pairs of general admission tickets, just leave a blog comment or follow my on Twitter and let me know that you did through this Rafflecopter giveaway. The contest ends Thursday night and I’ll notify the winners Friday morning.

I received two VIP tickets to Spring Beer Fling 2015 in exchange for writing a review and this giveaway. As always, my opinions are all mine.

Spring Beer Fling (and giveaway!)

Guess what’s coming to Tampa in just 2 weeks.  The Spring Beer Fling!  What the heck is that you ask?  How about a whole day of surf rock, games, and as much retro fun as you can handle?  Oh yeah, and beer. One choice will be Samuel Adam’s spring seasonal beer, Cold Snap.  I tried it at the pub this weekend; trust me, you should have a glass!

It sounds like a whole lot of fun, and for those who aren’t that into beer Twisted Tea, Deep Eddy Vodka, and Angry Orchard will be there as well. I’m a big Angry Orchard fan!

I’m really looking forward to the music; I LOVE surf rock. Seriously, how could you not?  Here’s one of the bunch of bands that will be there.

To top it all off the night’s going to end with a ‘Beach Ball Drop Spectacular’.  There’s something you don’t see every day!

Want to come out and join the fun?  General admission tickets are $15 in advance or $25 day of and include entertainment, games, and activities including the beach ball drop.  You also have the choice of VIP tickets which include all of that and also access to their ‘retro lounge’, unlimited drinks, a meal ticket for one of their vendors, and a Spring Beer Fling pint glass.  How cool is that? The VIP tickets are $85 in advance or $100 day of.  They’re 75% sold out already though, so there may be none left the night of the bash!

I have 2 general admission tickets to give away, enter here to win! The winner will be announced March 24th.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Spring Beer Fling is Saturday, March 29th from 1:00pm – 11:00pm at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Come on out and join the fun! You can get your GA or VP tickets here.

I received two VIP tickets to Spring Beer Fling 2014 in exchange for writing a review and this giveaway. As always, my opinions are all mine.